1. GOOD ENTERTAINMENT. It is known that Romanian Riviera offers a lot of entertainment. Mamaia resort is plenty of exquisite clubs and it is sometimes called “The Ibiza of the East” or “The Ibiza of the Black Sea”. We can also compare Mamaia with Saint Tropez or Tenerife, as fun & entertainment. Few know that many famous entertainers and dancers from Ibiza, Mallorca or Tenerife started in Mamaia, being Romanian. The best and the largest beaches are in Mamaia too. Also, Vama Veche, the southernmost resort on the Romanian coast, is known for its nonconformity. We also have beach parties that last until dawn and festivals like Stuffstock and Folk You. The resort is loved by rockers, students, folk amateurs, but also by people that work in corporations who want to escape, to feel free. Vama Veche has become known worldwide, receiving … even tourists from Australia.
  2. GOOD PRICES. Romanian seaside is still cheap compared with the Western standards. Even there are fancy and expensive 4 and 5 star hotels, especially in Mamaia, you can also accommodate with 25-50 euro per room night at villas and 2-3 star hotels. At any beach bar, the beer is 1-2 euro and they are self catering restaurant where you can eat well with 7-10 Euros per person.
  3. EVENTS. Romanian Riviera is full of events all the season. Mamaia resort hosts a carnivals organized by clubs and also a lot of music festivals, sport events, circus shows, theatres, rally etc. Vama Veche hosts rock & folk music festivals and Constanţa city hosts concerts, congresses, fairs etc. We give you some examples of events: Constanţa Rally Show (August 5-6) and Stuffstock Festival Vama Veche.
  4. SHOPPING. All the resorts on the Romanian Riviera are close to Constanţa – the biggest Romanian city at the Black Sea. Constanţa is full of fancy shops, malls, markets. And if we think it is a big international harbor at the Black Sea, you can find a lot to buy.
  5. WIDE BEACHES WITH FINE SAND. Romanian seaside, even it is not as exotic as some other more southern Mediterranean seaside, it has large beaches with fine sand. The best beaches are in Mamaia, Năvodari, Constanţa city, Eforie Nord and Vama Veche. You can submit tens of meters into the sea, the water is not deep. And good news – until 2018, all the Romanian beaches will be enlarged with at least 100 meters.
  6. TOURS IN THE AREA. Dobrogea – the area of the Romanian seaside is full of tourist attractions. First attraction in the area is the Danube Delta, unique in Europe and in the world. You can also have wine tastings at Murfatlar, Ostrov winery and other newer wineries, you can visit ancient ruins as Histria citadel, and you can visit places where the Romanian, Turkish, Tatar, Greek and Lipovan (Russians of old religious right) are combined. You can also see the cave of Saint Andrew the Apostle. The cave shelters the icon of Saint Andrew, known as the apostle who Christianized the lands at the North of the Danube. A must see is also the Danube river. In Cernavoda you can eat good Turkish, Romanian and fish food and you can visit in proximity a fisherman village like Capidava, where is also an ancient citadel. Finally, you can visit Constanţa city, with a lot of museums, restaurant, bars and cultural attractions.
  7. AMUSEMENT & ADVENTURE PARKS. Besides classic Holiday Village in Mamaia and Constanţa Dolphinarium in the last 10-15 years, the seaside has modern fun facilities. In the early 2000s, it was opened in Mamaia Aqua Magic, the first amusement park of its kind that can receive 2,500 persons, and in 2015 was opened Eforie Aqua Park. Nestled between Belona beach in Eforie Nord, Hotel Europa and Lake Belona, Eforie Aqua Park has a capacity of 4,000 people. Also, there are two small water parks Saturn, Balada Aqua Park and Aqua Park Cleopatra, offering terraces, bars, jacuzzi, massage, slides and games for children. Paradise Land from Neptun resort is the first adventure park on the Romanian seaside. Guided by the slogan „Sea & Adventure” Paradise Land is the first brand in the south east of Romania which aims to improve the experience of living in such an adventure park, the perfect place for leisure, surrounded by nature.
  8. ALL INCLUSIVE HOTELS. We all know that most of families with children look for all inclusive hotels. Romanian seaside has 23 all inclusive hotels from Mamaia-Năvodari to southern coastline. In total, 5,000 rooms are all-inclusive. Next year will be even more.
  9. Romania is a very safe country. And also the Romanian seaside. We never faced major problems.
  10. SAILING & SEA SPORTS. On the Romanian seaside you can sail, you can have a parasailing experience, ski jet, diving and many more. And it’s less expensive than in other western and tourist countries.

Here are some offers for the Romanian seaside:

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