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Copy of WP_20150301_002I was born in Bucharest and I love my city. The Capital of Romania has dramatically changed over the last 10-15 years. In good. The Romanians living out of the country and the foreigners who were once here and returned after a long time always tell us this „hidden secret”. That we have a beautiful city and we must believe in it!

I start to offer reasons to get you to believe in Bucharest. If you never visited it, you can do it this year! I will also post photos made by me with landscapes and panoramas of Bucharest. So, you can see my city through my eyes.
I work as a travel journalist and travel consultant, having my own company, and I visited a lot of cities and Capitals, like Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Dubai, Bangkok etc. and I still like Bucharest!
Well, from now on I will tell you why you deserve to visit Bucharest:

1. Bucharest is a safe city. The crime rate is much lower than in many cities around the world, even Western ones. There is not terrorism, not fireguns.SAMSUNG

2. Bucharest is a non stop living city. You can do something here at any hour of the day or night. Shops and malls are open until late night, there are non stop markets, and restaurants and bars are often open until the morning.

3. Bucharest is a city of events.  We have a very rich calendar of events all year round. Just this year we will have two major international events: George Enescu International Festival (August 30-September 20, 2015) and World Championship of Snooker – Under 21 (Caro Hotel Bucharest, July 17 to July 26, 2015). And do not forget the various festivals, concerts, sports competitions – local, regional, international, open street theaters, Christmas Markets (which already became for a month per year, in December, a tradition), beer festivals such as Oktoberfest Bucharest, Romanian folk costumes Festival etc.

4. Bucharest is not an expensive city. Sometimes is very cheap. Do not be surprised, maybe is not the cheapest city in Romania, but compared to many other European cities, it is still cheap. 2 euros a beer or a coffee in the downtown or not more than 10 euros per person for a lunch per person in the city is still a good price. Plus taxi, which is the cheapest in the EU (30 eurocents per km.).

5. Bucharest is a very accessible city. On Henri Coanda International Airport are landing dozens of airlines including low cost ones. From Bucharest are starting three motorways (A1, A2, A3 – one of them reaching the Romanian seaside). In addition the capital is very good connected by railway, road and even rivers (Danube is just 60 km South).

Photos: Traian BĂDULESCUCopy of WP_20150205_003Copy of WP_20141223_004SAMSUNGCopy of WP_20150301_005Copy of WP_20150307_012Copy of WP_20150307_008Copy of WP_20150301_007WP_20150307_001WP_20141223_007WP_20140715_028WP_20141223_003
The Palace of Parliament - the biggest administrative civil building in the world
The Palace of Parliament – the biggest administrative civil building in the world

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